let's get to know each other

Hi, I'm Christi!

AKA your professional third wheel, dress fixer, honorary bridesmaid, drink re-filler, and hype girl, no, seriously I'll be there squealing with joy the first time I see your dress, tell you if there's something in your teeth, and making sure everything looks perfect along the day!


 I am a lover of all things fine art, architecture, florals, pastels, baking, interior design, fashion, water coloring, cappuccinos, and of course puppies.

Speaking of puppies, my fiancé, Cole and I have a German Shephard named Atlas and a Bernedoodle named Alfie, we're absolutely those crazy dog parents that treat them like they're our children LOL . Please take this as my formal invitation for you to bring your furry friend to your session with me!!

I am an Arkansas girl through and through, born in Southern Arkansas, raised in Central Arkansas and currently reside in Northwest Arkansas, but with that being said traveling the world is a huge passion of mine. I love seeing different cultures, admiring architecture, exploring the streets of new towns and counties. My husband shares my love for traveling, and is the reason we opted for a destination wedding in Italy!