Choose Your Package

Collection I

Seniors, couples, branding, maternity.

- 3-4 Outfits
- 3 Locations
- 95+ Photos


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Collection II

Seniors, couples, branding, maternity.

- 2 Outfits
- 2 Locations
- 45+ Photos


1 / 1

Mini Session

- 20 Minutes of Shoot Time
- 1 Outfit
- 1 Location
- 15+ Photos


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Why do you shoot with film and digital?

Film provides you with those creamy skin tones and vibrant true to life colors. It gives off a very timeless and nostalgic feel to them.

Digital on the other hand is a lot more cost effective and provides instant gratification. Digital is also great at handling low light situations and allows me to take quicker shots!

I love providing my clients with both film and digital. When I deliver your session, you can trust it will have a beautiful seamless feel while having the benefits of both mediums.

How long does it take to get our photos delivered?

Portrait, Family and Mini Sessions are delivered within 2-3 weeks' time. This timing will greatly depend upon the developing time of the film lab.